Emissions Control Kettle

• Use wherever asphalt fumes can affect your customer or your surroundings.

• Impressive control of smoke and smell means no more complaints.

• Use for jobs at: schools, apartment buildings and other residential areas, shopping centres, hospitals, office buildings, food processing plants, etc.

• Work any job during normal business hours.

Easy to Operate and Cost Efficient

By turning on the vapour propane burner in the chimney stack asphalt emissions are efficiently burned away – it’s that simple. (For complete operating instructions please contact our office or refer to your owner’s manual.)

Standard Features :Our emissions control kettle is loaded with the same standard features and benefits as our regular kettles. 

Our refinements and improvements are the result of almost 50 years of building high quality kettles. Emissions control is available on any size SPAR-Marathon kettle. Also available as a retro-fit lid to fit on your existing SPAR-Marathon kettle.

Safety Features : Fire Arrester Screens – Provides protection in the event of a flame backdraft and also protects the chimney burner area from asphalt splashes.

Offset Chimney Design – Provides extra safety. The burner flame is not directly over the kettle opening and is safer than other designs.

Safety Loader : Loading is done through the safety loader which prevents operator burns and splashes and helps prevent smoke and odour from escaping (shown below).

Automatic Temperature Controls – Your choice of fully automatic or semi automatic hi-lo provides maximum control and safety by maintaining asphalt at a consistent temperature.

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SPAR-Marathon Red Book