Hydraulic Swing Hoist 1000, 2000

• designed for easy operation

• provides excellent lifting performance

• easy maintenance

• puts you in complete control of load

Easy to Assemble and Operate

Hydraulic hoists can be easily transported and assembled.

Handling loads up to 2000 pounds can be accomplished with ease and safety. Separate power and winch allows for

easy handling of components. Power up and down and in and out puts the operator in complete control.

Features Safety

• operator fence for operator safety

• swing boom allows load to be moved well away from roof edge

• hydraulically locked boom

• smooth up and down and in and out control


• high strength tubing

• no special tools required for assembly

• split frame for portability

 Two capacity models HS 1000, HS 2000 for 1000 lbs and 2000 Lbs  

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