PR 600 Mobile Fall Protection System

The PR 600 is a Fall Arrest Anchoring System designed for use on flat roofs. The PR 600
clamps onto our specially designed roof cart. The PR 600 can be moved along the roof by pulling the cart to the desired working location. Then adjust the ballast weight, which sets the system in place, providing a fall safe working area. The PR 600 meets O.S.H.A. compliance 1926.502D.
The PR 600 mobile provides fall protection for up to 3 people, with 2 for fall arrest and 1 for
fall restraint. Lightweight design makes the system easier to lift over ducts and piping that
may lay over roof’s work surface. The component parts can even be taken up to the roof in
an elevator. The system is easy to assemble and dismantle


• Removing or installing coping 

• Tear off and installation of leading edge 

• Removal & replacement of in-field roof deck 

• Installing or dismantling edge guardrail

• Working around roof openings 

• Removing or installing covers or skylights 

• Snow removal

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